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Weather in Latvia... it is good and safe!

I live in Latvia for more than 20 years and weather here is good! Geographically Latvia is located in very stable place, there aren't earthquakes, hurricanes, water floods or volcanoes. That's why I like Latvia and it's weather.

Climate maybe varies in some specific months, but usually it is quite acceptable. For example, we usually have hot April and hot July, but months between them are rainy and colder than it normally should be. In those mentioned cold periods temperature is about 10 to 15 Celsius. In hot periods it is about 24 to 28 (Celsius). In very hot days up to 34 degrees of celisum. It's really hot then and ice cream and relaxation at sea side is really awesome way for spending summer holiday here in Latvia!

Weather Latvia in summer

It is very rare to have long and cold winter; mostly it begins in January and ends at the beginning of March. Temperature may decline even down to minus 20 Celsius. But as I said, it is only for some period. In general we have quite average weather. It is explained by the snow and the cloudy winter days. It keeps temperature at about minus 10 degrees of Celsius.

Weather Latvia in winter

Anyway, we have all types of people here in Latvia, from north down to Africans. Of course, for some of them there is too hot, for some - too cold, but depends on time of visiting.

In addition, I have to say that places at sea like Liepaja or Ventspils are more windy than Riga or Ogre (yes, Latvia probably is one of rare countries with town called Ogre).

So, at the end, here I offer you to check this internet address: Latvia weather prognosis (new window will open). When I checked it last time it showed quite precious weather prognosis, so, this could be useful for you.


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