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Tourism in Latvia

Tourism in Latvia is getting bigger every year as people are starting to visit this beautiful land which has only been open for a little over 15 years after the country gained its independence from the former Soviet Union.

The main tourist destination in Latvia is the capital city of Riga and the nearby community on the sea called Jurmala. Riga is a cultural city which holds beauty, great cuisine, many hotels, and great architecture. The smaller towns within Latvia in the countryside have many attractions and can be had a fantastic travel value. In the western portion of Latvia is the Kurzeme region and is becoming one of the more attractive tourist destinations as it boasts beautiful cities on the coast and gorgeous natural attractions.

A little off the beaten tourist path is the eastern region of Latvia called the Latgale region. The Latgale region of the country offers a view into the past as you can still see many of the farmers carting their produce to the markets by horse. In the middle of Latgale is Latvia's second largest city called Daugavpils. The city of Daugavpils is full of open green spaces has a baroque charm as well as the Latgalian warmth.

In the capital of Riga the tourist possibilities are endless with many great hotels, nightclubs, and natural and historical attractions. Riga boasts an international airport so you can fly into Riga from anywhere around the world. Riga can also be reached by train and ferry as well. Food, alcohol, and local made crafts are very inexpensive on the whole but imported goods are just as pricey as in other countries.

Riga has a great nightlife from all night discos to many bars. A nice aspect of Riga is the fact that it can be managed on foot so you go from one place in the city to another relatively easily.

Staying in Riga there are many options from hostels, hotels, exclusive hotels, bed and breakfasts, and apartment rentals. No matter what your budget is and how long your stay is Riga will have anything you are looking for.


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