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Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia is a city that was founded in 1201. Presently it has a population of around 815,000 people and within the city limits its area is around 307 square kilometers. The city of Riga is the capital of the Republic of Latvia as well as being the geographical center of the Baltic States which also include Lithuania and Estonia.

Riga has always been a city at the cross roads of the large markets of Western Europe and the East. For this reason Riga is still attractive for businesses across the region because of its central location for both of these markets. Riga is also a very important point for transporting goods. The harbor in Riga, Riga's international airport, developed railroad system, and good road infrastructure are the main aspects of the transportation element which is important to the city. Considering that the infrastructure is very developed it has transformed the city of Riga into a main industrial and business epicenter in the Baltic region.

Riga is not just a transport center or business city as Riga boasts many cultural events and international exhibitions. It is also the heartbeat of the economy of the country of Latvia. Riga also has the biggest university in the country with the University of Latvia. There are many conferences of science as well as scientific seminars that take place in the city every year.

There is a lot to do entertainment wise in Riga as well as they have casinos, numerous restaurants, nightclubs, and theaters. There are also many museums to visit as well whether they are historical or art museums Riga is a very cultural and historical city in the Baltic region.

Riga is a great city to just relax at the café's during the summer and have a beer. During the summer the city heads to the beach for picnics and it is a great place to relax and take in some rays. The temperature in the city varies as the average temperature in January is -5° Celsius (23° Fahrenheit) and during the summer months the average temperature is 17° Celsius (63° Fahrenheit).

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