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Offshore Banking in Latvia

Latvia is a country in the Baltic region in Eastern Europe. Out of all the countries in the Baltic States Latvia is the most stable and has the largest banking center in Eastern Europe. The country of Latvia enforces strict bank secrecy laws as well as providing total banking services which are anonymous.

One of the main financial aspects of offshore banking in Latvia is the fact that there are European Banks in the country which do not require bank references. Latvian banks offer high technology financial services and excellent banking over the Internet. Through Latvian banks you can hold your funds in a bank account that uses different currencies and you can exchange currencies generally in real time. You can also receive, through Latvian banks, a Visa or Master Card and secured debit cards as well as make deposits. Latvian banks also give the option for investment business with the bank. There are options for investors as there are many opportunities in being able to establish a special forex broker account as well as being able to make money every day by the trade in different currencies.

Within Latvia most of the companies, banks, and real estate has been privatized. The state still owns a part of the country's larger enterprises. Latvia offers a good economy and many options for offshore banking.

There are more than 20 banks, which are stable, in the country of Latvia. Latvian bank accounts are available to individuals and countries that are not residents of Latvia. The only documents needed to open an offshore banking account through a Latvian banking institution are notarized copies of a passport. Some Latvian banks also require an additional apostil on the notarizations. Some Latvian banks require a signature card for the bank account application which has to have a signature and be notarized. For bank accounts of the corporate nature it is a requirement of Latvian banks that they have all the corporate documents such as Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Incorporation. The banks also require any Power of Attorney or corporate resolutions which grant power to the signature that is on the account.


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