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About Latvia's Hotels

There are many hotels throughout Latvia from the very nice ones to inexpensive hostels. It all depends on where you are staying, from the beach to the heart of the city. Riga is the main tourist destination in Latvia as it is very cultural city considering it has always been at the cross roads of Western European and eastern markets. There are hotels which you can stay for a night or several and one option for a longer stay is the availability to rent apartments for a reasonable price which can be a nice option as there are generally kitchens and all the comforts of home living. There are also many Bed and Breakfast establishments especially in Riga and on the Baltic Coast.

One off the nicer hotels in Latvia is in the capital of Riga and is the Reval Hotel Latvia. This one time tourist skyscraper has been transformed into one of the premier hotels in Latvia. All of the rooms in the hotel include a phone, minibar, hairdryer, controlled climate, and a satellite television. There are also business class suites which have more space and offer more luxury options. Some other hotels in Riga are the Albert Hotel, the Ainavas Boutique Hotel, the Best Western Hotel Mara, the Centra, the Domina Inn Riga, the Elizebetes Nams, the Hotel Gutenbergs, and the Man-Tess hotel. These are just a few of the nicer hotels in Riga but there are many more.

The easiest way to look and book a hotel in Latvia is through the Internet as there are many websites that let you look for what hotel you are looking for in the country of Latvia.

The country of Latvia has around 1000 hotels to stay at where the most inexpensive can be had at around 2 Euros (2.40 US$) and the most exclusive hotels cost around 1300 Euros (1640 US$) About 70 of the hotels in Latvia have Internet access but that number is growing every day as they become more modern. In the capital of Riga there are about 105 different hotels to choose from and the city boats some of the finest hotels in the country.

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